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The Laundry Room Diaries: A Podcast for the modern day mom. Hey friend, I'm Angela McKay - Busy mom of 7 kids aka laundry aficionado and a true mom that means business.  Join me as I share hilarious mom life stories, the cycles of life as a self made CEO and how I went from standing in my laundry room crying one day filled with mom guilt to discovering my God given purpose in life.  My superpower as a faith based business and mindset coach is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they are called to live.  I believe with a little help friend you too can be a modern day mom boss and learn how to live unapologetically!

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How to Market Your Genius

How to build systems to scale

I've built 95% of my business using social media.  I'm not an expert, but I will say it can and does work if done correctly. Learn relevant strategies and my 10 hour work week system that took me from overwhelmed and frustrated to organized and empowered. I am not your typical coach and this is not a get more followers kind of plan. Social media is a tool, not your business plan.

What you'll learn here: 

How to dance in the mess of motherhood as a business owner 

Let's face it business doesn't just happen. In order to grow you need to learn how to embrace the mess of success. Yes it's true business is messy and as a busy mom, well you know where I am going with this. I learned how to embrace the mess and find joy in the journey as a modern day mom boss. I will show you how you can have it all too.  

I help women build the brand with purpose.  Let's kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and tap into what God has planned for you. No more mom guilt, it's time to learn to  live unapologetically.


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A Podcast for Moms that Mean Business   

How One Question Changed My Life

The Spin Cycle - Get Unstuck & Increase Productivity 

The REAL Secret Sauce to Success 

The Missing Sock - My Story from the Laundry Room 


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Hey Friend!

I’m Angela Mckay, your new business coach in flip flops.

Modern day mom boss raising seven kids by day and running a global business from my wifi. Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Jesus Lover, Hype-woman, Overachiever and Beach Fanatic on a mission to help millions of moms find purpose and learn how to monetize skills and learn to live unapologetically.

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I believe we each have unique gifts given to us and it is our job to find ways to use these gifts to help others in life. My superpower is helping women like you create the best version of themselves while designing a life they want to live. You no longer have to choose on being a mom or a career. I have found a way to help you hire yourself and still have a mom life. 

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

- Amy M.

"As a busy mom on the go building my business I love the podcast as it's an easy way for me to continue my personal development and Angela’s take on how to build a business as a busy mom is relatable and I’m seeing results in my business." 

Five Stars:

- julie d.

"I love listening to the laundry room diaries on my way to work. Angela’s sense of humor and unique way to share how to build a business is relatable and inspiring." 

Five Stars:

- kayla

"I love Angela’s podcast it’s exactly what I need to keep me motivated and growing . It’s easy and on demand which makes it easy to tune in with a busy schedule." 

Five Stars:

- heather J.

"This podcast changed my life. It was so inspiring to hear Angela's story and see myself doing the same as she has done. I highly recommend this to any entrepreneur looking to grow and scale their business as modern day moms to step into our purpose." 

Five Stars:

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Did you know most business owners start building a brand way to late and only create message confusion which translates to slow growth and frustration for their business. Your brand story is your number one tool in business and should be built the day you start.  I show you how to level up and attract your ideal clients by creating a brand that reaches your audience. Let me show you how to build a buzz worthy brand today.!

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