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You want to stand out in the crowded online world, but you don't want to spend hours creating scroll stopping content. My Brand Edit Membership delivers weekly templates right to your inbox so you can  you don't have to settle for generic templates. Don't use what everyone else is using on Canva. PLUS get trending reel audio,  AI caption prompts, design tutorials and tools all inside the membership! 

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So by now your ready to hit send and start building your new brand or launch your digital business, but your still not hitting send!

I get it because I was just like you not so long ago. This is where my inner mean girl "Harper" you know that voice in our head with limiting beliefs gets super loud.

Well time to shut that chic up because you wouldn't have gotten ths far if you didn't believe it was important.  So launch your digital course, build your brandand believe that you deserve the success that is coming your way! 

You're ready to shine and brand your business. But if you're anything like most you don't have the extra time to figure it out. You just want someone to get you branded like a pro. 

You're in the right place.

" I love having access to on demand training with Angela's podcast and live trainings. Angela has done an amazing job of cultivating a great balance in the SIS club of support and love alongside very informative and technical guidance that is easy to put into practice."


found the support she needed


"Your purpose can change as you grow and you are always learning and growing as a person. The number one take away that I have personally received through the S.I.S Club is believe in you and surround yourself around those that are going to help you believe in you!"


gained the belief she needed


"The SIS club is more than a group of business women. It a group of business women who have become friends through building their businesses. This group lifts each other supports each other. The SIS club is a great place to be!"


found her tribe


"As soon as l was put in touch with Angela she set me on a course for success. I’m starting to see the seeds that I’ve planted grow and it motivates me even more! I’m so grateful to have all Angies knowledge and passion to challenge me and cheer me on! I can’t wait to grow a team of my own!"


found success + support


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 NEW Template Membership!
Stand out from the competition and save countless hours struggling to create scroll stopping branded content with custom templates, digital tools, done for you content. 

Learn how to crush goals as a busy mom boss, I share strategies on how to build your brand &  digital empire and still have a mom life.
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 The Laundry Room Diaries Podcast 

Are you ready to take your business and brand to the next level? The Brand Edit offers services for a quick brand refresh to total brand creation. Schedule your consultation today to learn more and get started!

“When life gives you lemons, ask for limes instead + make margaritas!”


Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee and ending it with a margarita and a new brand!

Brand  identity design   

NEW -Brand Edit In One Day 
Each brand package is customized based on your business goals. 
Here is an overview of what's included in your brand edit day:  
  • Brand Strategy + Creative Design 
  • Logo Suite (1 logo = 1 revision)
  • Fonts
  • Color Palette
  • Illustrations - Mood Board 
  • Brand Patterns
  • Brand Style Guide
Estimate Timeline 1-2 business days for Brand In A Day Package
If you need a complete logo suite, custom social selling template package and canva brand kit set up this is our upgrade package with * 3 rounds of revisions included for final product and a timeline of 4-6 weeks. 

Your brand edit starts now! 

We don't stop at just brand conception. Here are additional services you can add to your Brand Edit Package.

  • Website Design
  • Packaging
  • Canva Templates
  • Illustrations and GIF's
  • Illustrated Menu
  • Brand Naming
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Branded Reels 

Additional brand services  

You are your niche!

You are ready to build your own digital course empire, but you don't know where to start...... 

Digital course mastery

What if I told you your digital course is already done - for- you  and the course itself will teach you how to brand, launch and sell on repeat with automation. {Inset a happy dance!}

Digital Course Mastery
is that very thing and it can be the step by step training that helps you build your own digital empire. With Master Resell Rights you can earn 100% of the profit on every sale. 

Ready to Earn on Repeat!

"The SIS club is more than a group of business women. It a group of business women who have become friends through building their businesses."



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"Being a part of the SIS Club has helped me tremendously as a “newbie” in direct sales. Angela is a dynamic, hands-on leader who really takes a personal interest in everyone on the team."


leveled up her biz

"Being part of the SIS club has been great because you feel like you are part of a judgment free, upbuilding community."


gained support


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U.S. Income Disclaimer Statement:
*These results are not typical. MONAT makes no guarantee that you will achieve similar results. Your results will depend on your hard work and effort. The average annual income for ALL U.S. Market Partners at all Ranks (which includes Active and Inactive Market Partners) in 2020 was $876. Forty six percent of U.S. Market Partners were not Active in 2020 and therefore did not earn any commissions.