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The Missing Sock

June 16, 2021

Welcome to my fun and almost always chaotic world as a busy mom raising seven kids and running a global business from my home. I’m excited to finally kick this podcast and blog off (insert happy dance and nervous laughter) I am going to be transparent and warn you I have lots to share from […]

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Welcome to my little part of the online world. As a mom of seven and self made millionaire I wanted to share the ins and outs of life as a modern day mom boss. I believe you can have it all and I want to show you how.


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Welcome to my fun and almost always chaotic world as a busy mom raising seven kids and running a global business from my home. I’m excited to finally kick this podcast and blog off (insert happy dance and nervous laughter) I am going to be transparent and warn you I have lots to share from hilarious mom life stories raising a big family of nine and how I took an unexpected opportunity and created a global business from my wifi. I hope I bring you some laughter, inspiration and most of all the motivation to help you hire yourself and start living life unapologetically. So expect to be motivated maybe laugh so hard you spit that coffee and let me show you how you too can hire yourself and have it all as a modern day mom boss. Okay here we go typos and all! Grab a cup and let me take you back over a decade ago one winter morning where my life was much different than it is today and I found myself as I ugly crying in my laundry room over a basket of missing socks.

I know your thinking, girl it’s socks we all have that dang basket of frustration in our home what the big deal? It may sound weird but hang with me friend because this story is not about the struggles of matching socks its where I share not only the point in which my life changed for the better and how I hope to help you do the same. As my first blog post I wanted to take you to where this entire thing started one day in my laundry room.

I remember all I wanted was hot coffee and a shower that morning, but instead stood in my socks with a stained T-shirt and a messy bun crying . I didn’t want to scare the kids with my ugly cry but I just had a moment where I thought this is it. Sorting laundry, casseroles and carline define me as a woman. I hated that I felt this way, I was blessed with seven amazing children and a wonderful husband, but something was missing. and that basket of missing socks triggered a life changing moment that ultimately changed who I was a woman and took me on a journey of self growth and discovery.

As I look at that woman in the laundry room years ago I see now what I know was missing in her. I started looking around my world seeing more the old me in women around me and knew I had an opportunity to make an impact in this world. I wanted to create a space that I could coach and empowered woman to do just what I did that changed my life. I wanted to help them live unapologetically. I believe as women we each struggle with the missing socks in our life and friend I’m not really talking about socks at this point. I’m talking about the stuff inside us…our fears, limiting beliefs, that inner mean girl I call “Harper” and those buried passions and dreams.

That day in my laundry room for me was where I let all the messy stuff in life like my emotions I stuffed inside come flowing out. I had had enough of feeling unfulfilled and was struggling with MOM GUILT. Yes mom guilt it’s real and its what many woman carry. As I take you on this personal journey and share I hope it inspires you to look at your own basket of missing socks and look inside you to find your passions and dreams.

So lets talk about MOM GUILT. Maybe you can relate. I loved being home as a mom to my seven children finally. You see I had at one point worked as a mom and literally missed all the first steps of my children. Oh the pain of missing mom moments. I decided to quit my job and to be a full time stay at home mom. At first I loved just focusing on my family, but as they started to grow and bills kept coming in I missed feeling like I was contributing to our family, but I felt like something was missing inside of me. Why couldn’t I just be the mom that made mom moments and felt complete? I felt that mom guilt creeping in and started to hate myself for wanting more than just staying at home with the kids. I felt alone and I struggled with depression. I had lost my circles of friends and support so I had no way of really knowing but I often wondered do other women feel like I do? I started looking at the women around me at the schools. Wondering if I was the only woman out there wondering why we had to pick be a mom or have a career. Why had this become the social norm of our society and if a woman wanted to have a self identity she was thought less of as a mother.

Yes the mom guilt and pressure I felt to pick a side. Be the stay at home mom or the MIA missing in action working mom. No I wanted to be the savvy carline working mom and have the best of both worlds, but how could I do that? I struggle with this tug of war of deciding to be one or the other. I wanted something I could be proud of that would help our family. To feel Self-worth outside of being a mom, I wanted to have an identity yet still be there for my kids. I was determined to find a way and then one day an opportunity came to me. I thought if I could start my own business I could help with the family needs and all those diapers that needed purchased and have the flexibility to not miss out as a mom. It was perfect so I made that decision to start my own brick mortar business. My only fear was after a year the economy took a turn and we hit a recession. My dream job and life quickly took a turn as I had to cut back to keep things moving which meant I was the employee and had lost the freedom to be mom and boss. What looked like the American dream, having my own business, flipping open the open sign left me stressed and distracted.

How could this be? I had everything I thought I wanted but in a struggling retail business I saw less and less of my family and the mom guilt was still haunting me. This tug of war for about five long and very hard years. Then something happened that changed our life forever I found network marketing or it found me.

Now if your in network marketing you will understand this all too well. I was the girl that was introduced to the business and was no way, no, how going to do that funny business. Yup, that was me the pain prospect that thought I was above that non sense that scheme. But if I’m being honest I hadn’t a clue about the business structure. I was however broke so I got in at the biggest discount on some much needed energy products and what I found was is that within a couple of weeks of liking some products and me loving to talk, I got paid and I didn’t even know what I did.

I was confused and upset because I specifically said I didn’t want to make money (lol yet I was living transaction to transaction in my struggling retail business) Then I put my ego aside and asked how did this happen? I thought for a minute. I remember a few moms at the football game asking me what I was drinking. I liked it said you should try it and pointed to where I ordered it. don’t even know what I did but I got paid?

Then the lightbulb went off! Could this business really work? I mean it did I had money in the bank to prove it. But what if I tried? Could this network marketing stuff really be a career? I was interested maybe I can do more of it and make more.

Oh how I love this story and how we closed that struggling retail business down after the first year in network marketing and have never looked back. Both my husband and I work from home raising our family and living unapologetically.

We have made it our mission to help more parents like us hire themselves and learn how to design a life of freedom. And so the missing pieces, whether it was missing a career or missing my kids to have a career, I found the perfect way to have the best of both worlds through the network marketing industry.

Today, I am a mom boss, 100%. I love the fact that we’re doing business around our life instead of having to family around a career. It’s given us freedom as our business goes with us and we are our own boss. We aren’t striving to live the average life. I’ve become a better person. I live a fuller life. It’s, it’s rich in the sense that I have a lot more memories with my kids than missing out. And for the mom guilt it’s gone too.

I hope that that inspires you to stick around the laundry room diaries with me. Maybe you can get a cup full of inspiration or just laugh at my crazy and never boring mom life stories of raising seven kids. I hope however it helps you start to empower you to look inside and see if you too have anything missing and if you have the dreaded MOM GUILT well friend its time to let that go. You can do anything you want in life and I am proof of this. It is never too late your journey is yours to claim don’t let time or age measure the size of your dreams or define your abilities. I challenge you to take a closer look at the industry take it from a true skeptic to self made millionaire it works if you work. I will coach you and share only the things I have done in my career. I never sell you a program I am here to serve and be a servant leader. I work from a space of abundance not scarcity and believe there is enough for everyone to succeed. Hang around me enough I might have you dreaming bigger and believing you can and you will succeed. You never know what the possibilities are until you try. But I also challenge you to spread this movement of empowerment. Share this with a friend, a fellow mom or someone on your team and lets go on this journey of EMPOWERMENT TOGETHER!

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