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We like it salty and sweet

Welcome to my fun and almost always chaotic world as a busy mom raising seven kids and running a global business from my home. I’m excited to finally kick this podcast and blog off (insert happy dance and nervous laughter) I am going to be transparent and warn you I have lots to share from […]

The Missing Sock

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Hey Friend!

I’m Angela Mckay, your new business coach in flip flops.

Modern day mom boss raising seven kids by day and running a global business from my wifi. Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Hype-woman, Overachiever and Beach Fanatic on a mission to help millions of moms hire themselves across the globe to live their life unapologetically.

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Did you know most business owners start building a brand way to late and only create message confusion which translates to slow growth and frustration for their business. Your brand story is your number one tool in business and should be built the day you start.  I show you how to level up and attract your ideal clients by creating a brand that reaches your audience. Let me show you how to build a buzz worthy brand today.!

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Imagine Monday's schedule like Saturday where you call the shots. No more commuting and best of all your business travels with you from car line to a beach chair on vacation. It is time to hire yourself and to start living unapologetically!

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